Educational resources

Here are a couple of links to educational resources I have co-authored.


A great website for teaching music. It has loads of recordings of music of all different genres. Lots of help for students to understand different types of music and some handy hints for composing activities as well!


Music education and Welsh legends combined! This resource includes lots of good starters for philosophical discussions linked to these traditional tales.

Consider your elf

Yet another fantastic place that I work in is the Wales Millennium Centre. Whilst working there in December I made a typo while copying out the words to the song from Oliver, Consider Yourself. This mistake was to prove to be inspiration for a new version of the song that I made up for fun. Here it is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgHi8lKdmow

My brother

Steff Adams has released his new album! The song writing is sublime and the musicianship is beautiful. Get it here: http://www.steffadams.net/


This is the name of my companyCroeso/Welcome to my blog! Cerddora is a Welsh word that means “make music”. It could also mean “make poetry” because Cerdd can mean music or poetry. In the Welsh language the link between poetry and music is therefore made obvious. This is perhaps not because poetry is a hybrid of language and music, but because it harks back to a time when we communicated using sounds that were musical. Neuroscience tells us that our brains are wired specifically for music. I believe we are all born composers, artists and storytellers, and that creativity is more than a past time, it is a need.