Getting closer


Airport music

This is music composed with year 9 pupils from Ysgol Bryn Hafren. It was inspired by the idea of flying over Wales. The Wales Millennium Centre and Cardiff airport organised the project. The girls also produced two lovely songs that we hope to record in a studio in the near future. A very talented group who were a pleasure to work with!

Ysgol Bryn Hafren y9 When I fly…….

Strata Marcella

Buttington Trewern primary school’s movie trailer for Songs from Stones 2013. Inspired by the “Secret Abbey”, Strata Marcella.

Buttington Trewern Primary School

Here is a song made up at Buttington Trewern primary school last week for Songs from Stones 2013. It is inspired by Strata Marcella.

Abermule primary school

Castle upon the hill. Written and recorded with children from Abermule primary school. It is written about Dolforwyn castle that stands on a hill top near their school Part of Songs from Stones 2013.

Neolithic ceremonies 2013

Here is the trailer for the CADW Neolithic Ceremonies Project 2013

Ysgol Llangedwyn @ Sycharth for SFS 2013

Here is the trailer for Ysgol Llangedwyn’s film. The film will be inspired by Sycharth. What a beautiful place Sycharth is. Definitely worth a visit for the views alone.


National storytelling week


The Donkey’s Tale

They used to laugh at me
They thought I was a joke
Perhaps they had a point
There’s no fire without smoke
I make a funny noise
It’s not a neigh, or a roar
It’s sounds more like
Someone’s trapped their finger in the door
I have some funny names
Donkey, Equus Africanus…Ass
But all this was to change
On a night we now call Christmas
It had been a strange few months
The lights earlier in the year
I saw him with my own eyes
The angel Gabriel appear
And then there’d been the arguments
The accusations, the rows
But Joseph’s love was strong, you see
He didn’t need to know the hows
Then suddenly one night
Without, it seemed, any warning
He packed the bags and we all left
We were gone before the morning
All three of us were cold that night
Despite the blankets I was frozen
But I knew I must carry on
And felt proud that I’d been chosen
We travelled on all through the week
And though it was dark at night
There always seemed to be that star
That shone so very bright
And so at last, just when
I began to feel despair
We arrived at Bethlehem
But my story does not end there
For though it was surely plain to see
My mistress was in need
We were told there simply was no room
Though, I suspected greed
Until a man felt pity
And showed us to a stable
Of course this was fine for me
And my master quickly made a cradle
From a horse’s feed box
There seemed no time to waste
And pretty soon
All was to be transformed
In that humble place
There came a hush
The star shone down
Angels began to sing
For when the baby was born
We all knew he was a king
It wasn’t we were scared
Of the stars or angels above
But all the animals could feel it
This everlasting love
And then of course things got busy
They started to arrive
I can’t remember how many shepherds
Maybe four, or maybe five
But I remember the men from the east
There were three of them you see
They said they’d followed that star
All the way from Galilee
And when all had departed
And it was quiet once more
I looked at the tiny baby
And I was filled with awe
Soon we would leave for Egypt
And that was quite a scare
But that was not the end of it
For I was always there
Through all of the adventures
For all of the above
Not for fame, or for glory
Not for power, just for love
And so when I’m reminded, that I’m not fast
Not particularly strong, or clever
I just keep plodding on
Not worrying about being better
For I know in my heart
That all the others know two
That I was there when it mattered
I was the one who came through
I was the one who carried sweet Mary
To the stable that night
I was the one who saw the star
And the angels in flight
I saw the shepherds
And those three wise men
And the gifts that they did bring
And when baby Jesus was born
My heart began to sing
It’s not that I believe
That I should take the glory
But I know that I had my place
In the greatest ever story.

By Dylan Adams