Powerful pottery

Pottery was found deliberately broken at Tinkinswood and other Neolithic sites, seemingly as part of a ritual. The children made their own pottery inspired by Neolithic designs to be smashed as part of their own ceremony. After discussion and designs they each made at least one pot each. The pottery was created using coils of clay and entoptic style shapes were carefully engraved on to the walls surfaces. The results were beautiful. They painstakingly carved their designs on the pots, often using the hidden inside walls, whilst knowing that they would eventually be broken. this opened up lots of questions. First of all why did they do it? How did they feel? We had some wonderful discussions this week and last week at both schools. Topics covered included; the after life, the spirit world, the temporary nature of the material world, the parallels with the last communion and the breaking of the bread, the permanence of the soul, the need to create a shadow spirit pot by breaking the physical one, the releasing of magic, the remembrance and celebration of love. Big questions and even bigger answers!

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